It’s about to get classy up in here…

As I’ve seen today on my lovely dash, Anon hate is absolutely and utterly pathetic…but I don’t know what’s more pathetic: the hate itself? The fact that some lame-ass loser goes out of their way to be mean to someone else and wastes everyone’s time? Or that 90% of the time, it’s easy to figure out who the “anonymous” hater is?
No matter. I’ll put this as eloquently as the hater deserves: Whoever you are, go fuck yourself. And don’t mess with my friends because they’ve got a hell of a lot of support behind them. Stop the hate and get a fucking life.


Anonymous asked:

Headcanon: you are actually a cold-hearted bitch who doesn't deserve such an awesome guy such as Theta. He deserves so much better!! (/0u0)/*.•*

toxicfireworks answered:

Bitch? the biggest there is.
Cold-hearted? Arguable, and that would be one HELL of an argument, but I don’t think I am.
Undeserving of such an awesome guy? Absolutely, but he thinks I am worthy, so that is what matters.




Okey fucking dokey, buckaroos, here we go.

Anon, I am disgusted that you asked this. Sarina is the kindest and funniest person I know.  I cannot believe that you would be such an insufferable jackass as to be so cruel to someone you don’t even know, especially considering she’s a person with feelings just like you, you thunderous twat. 

Sarina has the warmst heart. the warmest. She should be a fucking sailor scout she’s so warm. Goddamn volcano she is. And good god shut the fuck up, anon, you pretentious ass-hat pretending to know anything about either of us

I do not deserve her, we are both huge fucking dorks and I love her. You don’t know the first thing, so I’m sorry for the language but shut your garbage munching mouth you insipid slime pile of trash compacting shit eating thundercunt mouth you fUCKING RUDE-ASS INCONSIDERATE FUCK BRAINED WEASEL MAGGOT SHIT-HIVE. 

Lets even forget Im me and she’s my girlfriend, you shouldn’t be sending messages like this to ANYONE, because nobody should wake up in the morning and see that in their inbox, you don’t know a goddamn thing about her or me.  It’s cowardly and cold and cruel and low and weak and YOU are cowardly and cruel and low and weak and I feel sorry for you

Amen, Theta. I chewed them out too. Your girlfriend, my wife. We stand as the “kick the ass of anyone who hurts the babe” club.